Dear users of DOOPINET.COM and Members of online communities. 
From 2016 to 2023, it's been almost 7 years since the Doopinet adventure began with our Facebook page and then our first WhatsApp group. And since then, a lot of new things including our applications for job seekers and recruiters. Our work has enabled thousands of Cameroonians, graduates or not in almost 7 years, with supporting testimonials, to land either the first job of their life, or one offering better professional social conditions. Your testimonials and comments lead us to believe that we are by far the best platform of its kind in Cameroon and we intend to remain so. 
As a Cameroonian company legally constituted (DOOPINET LLC), we are today, resolutely turned towards the future... Our main objective now is to offer more advanced and more professional services to both job seekers and recruiters to allow everyone to get the most out of our platform. 
Keeping this in mind, we have launched a PREMIUM service for our both platform for job seekers ( and for our platform for recruiters ( These PREMIUM services are in no way taking away the free nature of our platforms but simply offer a competitive advantage to persons who have decided to support us in our activity. We take this opportunity to thank the first users who have decided to trust us by already subscribing. 
We continue to be opened to your criticisms and suggestions that help us improve our work process. We are currently working to improve some new features of our platform such as our CV editor which is currently being improved to make editing less tedious for you. We thank you for your understanding and your testimonies. WE INVITE YOU TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE PREMIUM OFFERS TO ENJOY THEIR ADVANTAGES. 
Our philosophy will NEVER change: ANY RECRUITMENT PROCESS MUST BE FREE FOR THE JOB SEARCHER! You should never send money to a stranger during recruitment for any reason!
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